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Group Theory/Fiddling
Private Lessons

Theory: For musicians who cannot yet read music. Focusing on reading music and rhthms through games and fun exercies. Also has a focus on working with other children in a team oriented supportive atmosphere. 


Fiddling: For musicians who want to be a part of the group fiddling/chamber music at recitals and jam sessions. Here we learn fiddle tunes and classical trios and quartets in small groups.


$25 per 60 minute class

*Must be registered for in advance. NOT limited to students who are enrolled in Private Lessons. Limited 5-8 students per class.

Private Lessons offered for Violin, Viola, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. 
Paid on a monthly basis, each payment includes 4 lessons, and one performance class OR workshop. Performance classes and workshops are optional, but highly encouraged, as they are designed to enhance the musical experience. Please read our policies before registering for private lessons. Too much committment for you? A la Carte lessons are also available, where you can schedule lessons when you have time.



Performance classes are a great way to get involved with other musicians of your level, and excell you skills in a group setting. Here we meet as small groups, do some group listening exercises together, and perform for each other. Performance is an important element in learning music, as it helps us build confidence in ourselves, and learn that sharing our art is such a special gift. We practice supporting eachother, and helping each other overcome performance anxiety through encouragement and building trust within our group.


*Must attent at least one before a rectial!



$25 per 60 minute class

*Must be registered for in advance. NOT limited to students who are enrolled in Private Lessons. Limited 5-8 students per class.

Adult Classes
Band Practice Space

Learning Opportunities in the Studio...


As a group of local Musicians and Artists, we are happy to share our skills and expertise to help you discover the artist within. From children, to adults, beginner to advanced, we want to help you reach your musical goals, in a supportive, fun environment. Each of our instructors/artists have something unique to offer. From music college graduates, to musicians with 20+ years of experience, we all work together and share the common goal of building well-rounded musicians with solid foundations. We each work on the fundatmentals of music, music reading skills & theory, feeling confident on stage, and most of all love playing and performing music as much as we do!

Adult group classes or private lessons are available upon request. 


Need a place for your band to practice? Studio equipped so all you need to do is bring your instruments and plug in!


Please call for prices and details.



Studio Members

30 minute lessons

45 minute lessons

60 minute lessons

A la Carte

30 minute lesson

45 minute lesson

60 minute lesson